Homemade Brew Stand

After dodging the dangers of lifting and pouring 5-7 gallons of near-boiling water into the mash tun many times I decided to build a brew stand. I didn’t want a horizontal system because I don’t have the storage space or a march pump. I needed a vertical setup so I could use gravity instead of a pump (or heavy lifting)…

So I made a stand using what I had around the house: a standard 6′ aluminum ladder and an old bed frame (to be totally honest I bought the bed frame for $5). I removed the paint bucket shelf and built a new (foldable) one out of the bed frame angle iron and made a removable shelf too. Here’s what it looks like:

ladder brew standI built the foldable shelf so I could easily fit in (and remove) a propane burner for the hot liquor tun (HLT – a 10 gallon pot). My rectangular cooler/mash tun sits on the removable shelf. And the 15 gallon brew pot sits on its burner on the ground. I installed ball valves on both pots, and the mash tun has a ball valve on it too. So all I do is use a garden hose with my filter hooked up to it to fill the HLT, open the HLT valve and transfer the hot water to the mash tun, and then open the valve to the brew kettle. I do have to lift the chilled wort to gravity feed to the fermentor, and though it might be a little heavy for an old guy like me, it’s not dangerous.

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